Benefits of Blogging and 22 Blogging Tips for Blogging with Purpose 21

21 Benefits of Blogging and 22 Blogging Tips
Benefits of Blogging and 22 Blogging Tips
Benefits of Blogging and 22 Blogging Tips

Combine "web" with "log" and you get "blog" This is a strange word, but blogging is a serious business

This post is about blogging for business - for a purpose we have a lot to cover, so we will knock it out with a series of lists as efficiently as possible.

We will find it right to do

Who should read this post?

  • Non blogger - you never had a blog and you need to fix it
  • Incomplete Bloggers - You Never Spoke The Blog Magic For a while
  • Start the blogger - you blog, but do not really know what you're doing
  • Regular Bloggers - You will take tips from a fellow blogger.
  • Expert blogger - you can steal good things for your blog
  • None of the above - you have nothing better, but have to read about blogging.
  • 21 benefits of blogging with purpose

  1. Connect with customers - A blog is a practical and powerful way to share useful, relevant information with customers.
  2. Join Partners - Blogging allows you to be influential and able to join leaders and teammates who can play a key role in building your business.
  3. Generated traffic - A strategic planned blog will appear in search and drive traffic on your landing pages, with carefully selected keywords in play.
  4. Establish Authority - Your business blog is the focus of your content marketing efforts where you share your expertise.
  5. Win Business - 60% of businesses that acquire more customers are called hubsspots
  6. Encourage your social media - If you are using social media effectively, then you are regularly sharing your blog post and taking advantage of the magical amplification of social networks.
  7. Grow Reach - Your Blog Will Be Shared And Find New Eyes Daily
  8. Increase your email database - Your blog will inspire people to opt in to your email newsletter list. In addition, your email feeds traffic to your blog
  9. Give your company a voice - a blog your pulpit, your publication, your journal - is the place where you talk about your choice, though you choose
  10. Making Your Company Human - That Voice Needs Personality Great bloggers are genuine Your personality comes into play, that is, if you aim to make real connections
  11. Exchange of ideas - Blogs erase the wall that stood once between a company and its customers. You encourage interaction, comments and feedback. You create a conversation.
  12. Focus on the customer (and stay) - By blogging, how will you talk to your customers' conditions, learn to constantly strengthen this important skill and develop more than your audience's needs and needs.
  13. Inspires content and productivity - Blogging is a tough task. You need the procedures to commit commitment. Consistency You will need to take action - and you will be rewarded for doing so
  14. Increase Focus - A subtle supplement to the top, Blogging constantly forces you to define who you are trying to reach and why.
  15. Generate publicity - As I mentioned, business bloggers have established authorization, paste it with it and demonstrate that you know your place and you will often ask for an interview.
  16. Invite outsiders - Although business bloggers should avoid promoting persistently, the blog is a suitable platform for providing insights into your company, its values ​​and people.
  17. Get strategic - you will be in the habit of examining the site's analytics closely and what will not appeal to your audience and whether to collect all types of information. Your marketing will be more strategic till the day
  18. Know - now we will be a bit hot and fuzzy, but no one is denying that you are going to learn a lot about yourself and the world around you. It comes with being a writer
  19. Get inspired - research, conversation, experience ... It's inspiring to believe me: a switch is turned on and it is impossible to turn it off.
  20. Have fun - maybe everyone will not agree blogging is fun, but I believe every great blogger reaches it and enjoys the ride.
  21. Make millions - Maybe, maybe not. However, business blogging works with purpose every post is a long-term asset Learn how to blog and you will reduce your marketing costs and increase sales.

Let’s look at how to do it.

22 tips for blogging with purpose.

I have to give a shout out here to my man, mentor, friend, Marcus Sheridan, a.k.a. The Sales Lion. No one understands and teaches the practice of blogging quite like Marcus. I won’t be replicating his great post, “50 Qualities of the Best Business Blogs in the World” here, but I did draw these ideas from it (and encourage you to check it out).
  1. Answer the questions - Listen closely to the possibilities of questions and customers should ask and answer each of your posts.
  2. Teach, do not promote - Avoid heavy efforts to advertise your blog to advertise your products. Adopt the mindset of a teacher and you will conquer the confidence of your readers.
  3. Talk - Ask the questions of your readers, encourage feedbacks, counter-arguments and criticism, answer the comments as soon as possible in an effort to exchange ideas.
  4. Create a blogging culture - invite your company and all its components to contribute to the ideas and participate in the blog.
  5. Use images - Take advantage of the appeal of photos, images, charts and infographics to enhance your stopping power and make the posts more attractive
  6. Make it easy on the eyes - Use small paragraphs, line breaks, white spaces, subheads and lists to invite your post.
  7. Be transparent - with inconvenience, integrity and genuine issues, problems, challenges, and yes, do not be afraid to remove the prices. Avoid difficult questions Do not remove them
  8. Remove internal barriers - There is no room for blogging for corporate red tape. Get permission in advance to open and honestly write
  9. Do not fall behind - Some readers (or co-workers) do not love what you have to say? Anyway it says it This is not popularity competition
  10. Be consistent - Number One reason blogs fail are set aside and set a schedule. Make time to post often No excuses.
  11. Nix the fluff - Your post may be short or long, just do not mess your way through them. Serve the meat and get easy on the gravy.
  12. Identify others - Congratulations, write and identify about customers, employees, partners, industry influencers and even competitive people. Being liberal will only help you enjoy reciprocity
  13. Optimize - Research and use keyword phrases that will increase your search engine ranking. Install plugins to help you with SEO
  14. Write Vigorously - Make Your Passion Pulse Through Your Proud Tap In Your Reader's Feelings
  15. Tell stories - Learn how to be a Master Stotler, see how best bloggers highlight plots and develop letters.
  16. Include customers - leave privacy and anonymous to cite real customers, real challenges and real solutions.
  17. Investigate seriously - Blogging only waste time and money when it is a low priority. Invest in the best tools and designers in your blog and put them in the necessary equipment.
  18. Market and Sell - Do not write fake advertisements and press releases in the form of a blog post, but call on your path to action on the path to find your solutions and direct your readers.
  19. Keep watching - Follow your industry daily and stay on top of what your peers are saying.
  20. Encourage sharing - Do not forget to provide a social media button to make readers easier to share and email your content.
  21. Promote your blog - it should take more time to write a post (and perhaps it should take) Write tyros for your content and publicize it on social networks and all the potential touch points.
  22. Have fun - do not be rude, formal or junk useless jargon in your posts. You have the platform to relax. Be Entertaining Please allow yourself to enjoy writing.

Business Blog is a Big Challenge
The most difficult channels for business are for blog updates - and actually the nail
Pacey, a blogging shortcut service type, recently studied 525 businesses and reviewed their performance on blogs, company news pages, Twitter and Facebook. His study, "Business Blogging State 2013," reported:
75% of companies do not update their website in any way.
Only 20% have a blog and more than one third of these are inactive 
1 of 8 companies has an active blog
Ouch Please understand…
Business blogs can grow / grow your business.
57% of companies with a blog have received a customer from their blogs
61% of American online consumers have made purchases based on recommendations from a blog.
The blog attracts repeat visitors who keep coming back to the website for fresh content.
Blogging allows you to team up with those who already have an audience, which is an immediate way to attract readers.
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