T-Mobile Launches Galaxy Note 8, "Buy a Buy, Get a Free" offer

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is not out yet, but T-Mobile is not wasting time in launching a new promotional offer for upcoming flagship smartphones. The carrier has announced a "buy one, one free" offer for Note 8. You can also get the option to receive a free Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus, along with pre-order of Note 8 from T-Mobile.

Here's how this offer will work. You must buy the Galaxy Note 8 and the Note 8, Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus on the T-Mobile's EIP payment plan, and also sign up for the second line for "Free Phone". For each Note 8 payment plan, the buyer must pay $ 210 and $ 30 per month for 24 months. Once you buy both phones, you have to go to the T-Mobile promotional Web page and enter promo code "17CSAMN8BOGO".

When this happens, T-Mobile will send you a pre-paid master card with the amount of money needed to cover the total cost of the other device purchased with the Galaxy Note 8. If you bought the second note 8, in the amount of $ 930 card, if you bought the Galaxy S8 as a second device, then you will get a $ 750 card, while the S8 Plus will be $ 800. T-Mobile will take about eight weeks to send a pre-paid rebate card. If you have already pre-ordered Note 8, you can still take advantage of this new BOGO offer.

Obviously, this deal will only be for a "limited time", but there will be no word at that time when it will be fine. Keep in mind that this offer is at the top of Samsung's Note 8 promoting its pre-order, which the buyer of the phone receives either a free Samsung Galaxy 360 camera (about $ 230) or 128 GB micro SD card One of the methods will provide a wireless charging pad (about $ 190)

Do you want to get the Galaxy Note 8 from the car from this new BGO offer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!



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